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Dusseldorf, Germany

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Yangon, Myanmar

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hong Kong

Suzhou & Shanghai, China

Multiple Facilities. Dedicated Teams. Quality-Driven Operations.

Bestop offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions delivered by a dynamic team well-versed in navigating market conditions on a global scale. We ensure competitive pricing while upholding stringent quality and ethical standards.

Our Facilities

Myanmar, Vietnam & Cambodia

Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia are vibrant hubs for production in the textile industry. Characterised by cultural richness and natural allure, and fueled by abundant workforces and a growing receptiveness to global markets, they hold significant promise for the textile industry.


Our Myanmar office, located in Yangon directly handles merchandising and production at our factories in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. The team has direct communication related to developments and production with clients in coordination with our China office.

Lead Time For Sampling

7 - 10 days

Lead Time For Production

70 - 80 days from the date of order placement

Specialises in


Outerwear (padded, non-padded, and down jackets), formal wear, blouses, and dresses. 


Outerwear (padded and non-padded jackets), formal wear, blouses, and dresses.